Get Super visa insurance Markham

Super visa insurance Markham

Super visa Insurance Markham – Do you need a personal quotation or would like to know about the official documents which are Essential for Super visa Insurance Markham? If yes, then you have landed on the right webpage. Mr Pankaj Bhatia can guide you and offer you a massive range of Canadian travel and health-related coverage options to protect your parents and grandparents from medical expenses while they come and stay with you in Canada.

Super visa Insurance Markham

If you have children or grandchildren who are Canadian citizens or have a Canadian PR then you can visit and stay with them in Canada with a special document which is a Super visa. This visa offers you various benefits. It allows you to stay in Canada for up to 5 years. In addition, you can also make multiple visits to Canada over 10 years. However, being a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen is not enough to obtain a super visa. You need to purchase a proper medical insurance policy from a Canadian company as well. That will provide your medical coverage for the entire trip that you are in the country.

Mr Pankaj Bhatia has years of experience in the Canadian insurance industry. He can guide you and help you to find a suitable Super visa insurance Markham policy to meet all your super visa requirements.

Requirements to obtain a Super visa Policy

Being a part of a super visa insurance application, your medical policy should meet all the essential requirements which we have mentioned down below.

  • The policy must be valid for 1 year and will start from the date you arrive in Canada.
  • It should be covered by at least $100000 Canadian Dollars.
  • The policy must have been issued by a Canadian insurance company only.
  • Your insurance coverage should include healthcare, hospitalization and repatriation charges.
  • Your policy must be available for inspection during your entry to Canada.

As an insurance advisor, based in Canada, Mr Pankaj Bhatia is an ideal man to help you with all your travel plans. He has years of experience. His years of experience in the insurance sector will not only guide you regarding your Super visa insurance Markham needs. But also allows you to pay the right charges for your policy.

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