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Apply Super Visa Insurance Windsor

Super visa Insurance Windsor – Are you searching for Travel insurance for your super visa application in Canada? If yes then you are on the right webpage. Pankaj Bhatia is known as one of the best financial advisors who can help you with the right coverage for your visitors to Windsor Canada.

Super visa Insurance Windsor Application Requirements

To apply for super visa insurance Windsor, requires visitors who are coming to Canada must have 1 lakh Canadian dollars in medical coverage which has to be issued by Canadian insurance companies. It ensures that visitors can pay for their health issues if they become injured or sick while staying in Canada.

However, CIC has specified a few Super visa insurance Windsor application requirements with respect to Super visa medical insurance of the applicants who want to have a Super visa. The applicant has to submit valid proof that he has purchased insurance from a Canadian insurance company. This proof should include

  • A minimum coverage of 1 lakh Canadian Dollars.
  • The policy should be valid for 1 year from the date applicant enter the country.
  • The policy should cover hospitalization, healthcare as well as repatriation.
  • In case you decide to extend your stay in Canada, then you need to purchase a new policy.
  • In case the visa is denied, then it should guarantee a 100% refund.

However, being the leading financial advisor Mr Pankaj Bhatia strives hard to offer the best super visa insurance plans at your convenience. In most cases, he can help you to compare the coverages and offer you the best coverage.

How much does this insurance cost?

Super visa insurance costs may vary depending on the province or territory you are visiting in Canada. You can get super visa insurance for a single parent/grandparent or a couple. A couple together travelling in Canada save more money than a single one. If we talking about Super visa insurance Windsor then it typically cost 100$ to 200$ per month. However, as we already mentioned above the exact charges totally depend upon your province, your provider as well as your plan.

Can I pay for super visa insurance Windsor on a monthly basis?

If you are inviting your parents or grandparents to Canada and find it difficult to pay for the insurance in just one go, then you can also pay it on a monthly basis. Our experienced advisor Mr Pankaj Bhatia can help you to choose the best supervisa insurance plan that fits your budget. So now do not need to worry about a huge payment, now you can pay it on a monthly basis too. Contact our advisor Mr Pankaj Bhatia to get know more about the policy.

Can my relative buy super visa insurance Windsor for me?

Canadian citizens and PR holders of Canada can purchase super visa insurance Windsor for their parents and grandparents. Under the super visa application program, Canadian citizens and PR holders are considered sponsored by their relatives. In this way, they are financially responsible for the visit.

Is super visa insurance Windsor refundable?

Now, the question arises, is super visa insurance refundable, then the answer is yes, it is.  You can get a full refund if you cancel your policy.  We know in some scenarios, you need to cancel your super visa insurance. for example, if your parents or grandparents have left Canada without completing the duration, this time they can cancel their insurance and can get a partial refund. If your parents or grandparents have not visited Canada and you have purchased insurance for them, you can also cancel their insurance and can get a full refund. But there are dozens of scenarios related to cancellation. If you want to know more please contact our advisor Mr Pankaj Bhatia today.

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