Super visa insurance Mississauga

Super visa insurance Mississauga

Super visa Insurance Mississauga – Looking for a Super visa Insurance Mississauga for a super visa application? If yes, then Mr Pankaj Bhatia can help you with the right coverage for your parents/grandparents in Canada. Super visa insurance is one of the important and mandatory requirements if you want to obtain a super visa. Mr Pankaj Bhatia can guide you with all the information which you require to get your insurance at affordable rates.

What is Super visa insurance Mississauga?

One of the important steps to obtain your super visa is to get emergency healthcare medical coverage. However, this insurance must be purchased from a local Canadian insurance provider company only. Basically, the Canadian government wants that you will not face any kind of financial burden if you suffer from a medical emergency during your stay in Canada. Because you are not a part of the Canadian healthcare system plan. so you will not get the claim for your expenses. You have to pay on your own. Therefore, your medical insurance is a must while entering Canada. In case you plan to stay in Canada for not more than 6 months then you don’t require super visa insurance Mississauga, you can apply for a visitor visa also.


  • You have to show proof that you have purchased your super visa insurance.
  • Your policy must cover Repatriation, Healthcare and Hospitalization services.
  • Your policy coverage should be 1 Lakh Canadian dollars.
  • The policy must be valid for 1 year and will be applied on the day you reach Canada.
  • You have to purchase a policy from a Canadian insurance company only.

Please note that all are just basic requirements. Make sure this is not a guarantee that you will obtain your super visa if you met these requirements.


The cost of a Super visa insurance Mississauga, will change depending upon various factors such as your age, your pre-medical condition and the claims you want. But if you want to know kind of rough idea, then we have described down below.

  • Single people in their mid-forties should expect to pay between $800-$1800 and for couples $1600-$3600.
  • Single people in their early seventies should expect to pay between $1700-$4600.
  • The price becomes changes or is higher if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

If you really want to know the exact cost, then you need a quote from the insurance companies. The Best way to find this is to explore our site and compare all the plans provided by various Insurance companies. If you still have a doubt and want to know or discuss more the super visa insurance Mississauga policy, then you must contact our expert Mr Pankaj Bhatia. He will be glad to assist you.

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