Cheap Super Visa Insurance Canada

Cheap Super Visa Insurance Canada


The Super Visa program allows parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to visit and stay in Canada for extended periods. A key requirement for obtaining a Super Visa is having valid medical insurance coverage. This blog post will explore how to find cheap Super Visa insurance in Canada without compromising on essential coverage.

Understanding Super Visa Insurance

Super Visa insurance is a mandatory health insurance policy that covers medical emergencies, hospitalization, and repatriation for visitors under the Super Visa program. The insurance must provide a minimum coverage of $100,000 and be valid for at least one year from the date of entry into Canada. Given the importance of this insurance, finding an affordable plan that meets the requirements is crucial.

Factors Affecting Super Visa Insurance Costs

  1. Age of the Applicant: The age of the applicant significantly impacts the insurance cost. Generally, older individuals face higher premiums due to increased health risks.
  2. Health Condition: Pre-existing medical conditions can raise the cost of insurance. Some policies might exclude these conditions, while others offer comprehensive coverage at a higher price.
  3. Duration of Coverage: Although a minimum of one-year coverage is required, longer coverage periods increase the total cost. However, some insurers offer discounts for extended policies.
  4. Insurance Provider: Different insurance companies offer various plans with differing benefits and premiums. Comparing multiple providers is essential to find the most affordable option.
  5. Coverage Amount: While the minimum coverage required is $100,000, applicants can opt for higher coverage limits. Higher coverage provides more security but comes with increased costs.

Tips to Find Cheap Super Visa Insurance in Canada

  1. Compare Multiple Providers: One of the most effective ways to find cheap Super Visa insurance is to compare quotes from various insurance providers. Websites like super visa insurance monthly offer tools to compare plans and find the best rates.
  2. Choose Higher Deductibles: Opting for a higher deductible can significantly lower your premium. While this means you’ll pay more out-of-pocket in case of a claim, it can reduce the overall cost of your insurance.
  3. Buy Longer Policies: Purchasing a longer-term policy can sometimes result in discounts. Instead of renewing your policy annually, consider buying a two-year policy to save money.
  4. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Insurance premiums are often lower for non-smokers and individuals with a healthy weight. A healthy lifestyle can help you secure better rates.
  5. Look for Discounts: Some insurance companies offer discounts for various reasons, such as family packages or bundling different types of insurance. Always inquire about available discounts.

Recommended Cheap Super Visa Insurance Providers

  1. Manulife: Manulife offers comprehensive Super Visa insurance plans with competitive rates. They provide flexible options and reliable coverage, making them a popular choice among applicants.
  2. Sun Life Financial: Known for their excellent customer service, Sun Life Financial offers affordable Super Visa insurance plans. Their policies are tailored to meet the needs of visitors and provide peace of mind.
  3. Tugo: Tugo specializes in travel insurance and offers Super Visa insurance at attractive rates. Their plans include extensive coverage and are highly customizable.
  4. GMS (Group Medical Services): GMS provides a variety of Super Visa insurance plans with competitive pricing. They are known for their flexibility and comprehensive coverage options.


Finding cheap Super Visa insurance in Canada is possible with careful planning and research. By comparing multiple providers, opting for higher deductibles, and looking for discounts, you can secure affordable and reliable coverage for your visiting parents or grandparents. Use resources like super visa insurance monthly to make an informed decision and ensure your loved ones are protected during their stay in Canada.