ivari Permanent Insurance Canada

In the realm of insurance offerings in Canada, ivari stands out as a prominent provider of permanent life insurance solutions. Catering to the diverse needs of Canadian residents, ivari specializes in offering reliable and flexible insurance products designed to provide long-term financial security.

About ivari

ivari has established itself as a trusted name in the Canadian insurance industry, renowned for its commitment to customer-centric services and innovative product offerings. The company focuses on delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of individuals and families across Canada.

Permanent Insurance Solutions

ivari Permanent Insurance Canada products are designed to provide lifelong coverage, ensuring financial protection for policyholders throughout their lives. These products typically include whole life insurance and universal life insurance options, each offering distinct features to cater to different financial goals and preferences.

Features of ivari Permanent Insurance:

  1. Whole Life Insurance: This type of policy provides coverage for the insured’s entire life, with premiums that remain stable over time. Whole life insurance from ivari offers a guaranteed death benefit, cash value accumulation, and the option to access funds through policy loans or withdrawals.
  2. Universal Life Insurance: ivari’s universal life insurance policies combine life insurance coverage with an investment component. Policyholders have the flexibility to adjust their premiums and death benefits over time, allowing for customization as financial needs change.

Benefits of Choosing ivari Permanent Insurance:

  • Financial Security: ivari’s permanent insurance policies ensure that beneficiaries receive a lump sum payment upon the insured’s death, providing financial security and peace of mind.
  • Cash Value Accumulation: With ivari’s policies, a portion of the premiums paid accumulates as cash value, which can be accessed during the insured’s lifetime for various financial needs.
  • Flexibility: Policyholders can tailor their coverage to align with their financial goals, whether it’s estate planning, wealth transfer, or supplemental retirement income.

Super Visa Insurance Monthly

In addition to permanent life insurance, ivari also offers specialized insurance products like Super Visa Insurance Monthly. This product is specifically designed to meet the insurance requirements for individuals applying for the Super Visa to visit or stay with family in Canada. It provides comprehensive coverage including emergency medical expenses, repatriation, and more, ensuring peace of mind for both applicants and their families.


For Canadians seeking reliable and comprehensive permanent insurance solutions, ivari stands as a beacon of trust and stability in the insurance landscape. With a range of products tailored to meet diverse needs and backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction, ivari continues to be a preferred choice for those looking to secure their financial future.