Super Visa Insurance

What does Super Visa Insurance for visitors to Canada entail?

What details are required?

This means your grandma and grandpa can stay for Thanksgiving and Christmas. An added benefit is that you won’t have to worry about short visa renewal deadlines. For further details about Super Visa Insurance, contact Super Visa Insurance Monthly.

Before applying for Super Visa Insurance on behalf of your parents (yes, you can do that), you’ll need to provide some details about them. Take a look at the list below to gather all the necessary information before filling out the form:

  • The purpose of your parents’ or grandparents’ visit to Canada.
  • Whether they have medical insurance from a Canadian company with coverage of at least $100,000 for a year.
  • The socio-economic stability status of their home country.
  • Your parent’s or grandparent’s relationship with their home country, and whether they are not attempting to seek permanent residency in Canada.
  • Their admissibility in Canada.
  • A passing certificate for the immigration medical test.

You also need to provide some details.

In addition to providing details of your parents or grandparents, you’ll need to submit the following documents to complete the entire documentation process. Take a look at the list below:

  • Evidence of Canadian citizenship
  • Proof of employment in Canada, including your joining date
  • Documentation of a stable income, including bank statements, tax documents, and pay stubs. This ensures your ability to financially support your family members upon their arrival.
  • Proof of medical insurance
  • Additionally, you’ll need to compose a formal invitation letter and submit it along with all the required details for processing. Once everything is in order, your parents or grandparents will need to visit the Canadian embassy on a specified date for the final formalities.

What is the importance of obtaining medical insurance from a Canadian agency?

The reason is straightforward: Canadian insurance companies typically have direct billing arrangements with many hospitals nationwide. If your loved ones are insured through a Canadian agency, medical processing fees are usually quick. However, if they’re insured by an agency from another country, the claim might be rejected. Insurance is purchased on an annual basis and requires renewal each year. Take the opportunity to apply today and enjoy some valuable time with your family. For more information, reach out to Super Visa Insurance Monthly or schedule an appointment.

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