pre-existing condition

What is pre-existing condition?

Typically, a pre-existing condition refers to any illness, injury, or medical issue where the insured seeks medical advice, is hospitalized, or receives medication within a specified timeframe prior to the start of Super Visa insurance or Visitor visa insurance to Canada coverage.

Is Pre-existing Condition Covered in Super Visa Insurance? Suffering from health issues like:

  • Congestive heart disease: Yes, covered
  • Heart failures: Yes, Super Visa Insurance provided
  • Diabetes: Yes, covered under our policy
  • Liver problems: Yes, covered for stable conditions
  • Neurological problems: Yes, covered
  • Brain issues: Limited coverage, see policy guide
  • Cancer: Covered
  • In summary, Life Care assists in selecting the right Super Visa insurance for parents or grandparents, inclusive of pre-existing medical conditions.

Key Considerations When Purchasing Super Visa Insurance with Pre-existing Conditions

  1. Understand How Insurers Handle Pre-existing Conditions: Each insurer has its own approach, impacting claim eligibility under Super Visa Insurance.
  2. Scrutinize Policy Wording: Thoroughly review the policy to ascertain coverage for your pre-existing condition, as exclusions may apply.
  3. Determine Look-back Period: Look-back periods can vary from 3 months to a year, so refer to the policy booklet for specifics.
  4. Comprehend Policy Terms: Ensure clarity on how policy terms apply to your condition, especially regarding stability and control.
  5. Seek Medical Advice: Any changes in medication could affect condition stability; consult a physician if unsure.

In summary, without medical insurance, you may face substantial financial burdens if your loved ones fall ill or get injured during their visit. Super Visa medical insurance provides protection against these out-of-pocket expenses up to the policy maximum, including coverage for accidental death.